Issue #8 - March 2018

Sarah Tadjana


Editor in Chief | Rédactrice en chef: Sarah Tadjana
Assistant EIC | Rédactrice en chef adjointe: Camille Slaght
English Editor | Rédactrice d’anglais: Sarah Ariza-Verreault
Media Officer | Agente des medias: Amanda Jose
Photographer | Photographe: Krysta Veneruz
Layout Editor | Maquetteur: Connor Boyd

Section Editors | Chroniqueurs
Campus Life | Vie étudiante: Reia Tariq
Issues & Ideas | Actualité et opinions: Alex Freeman
Metropolis | Métropole: Behrad Taeed
Arts & Entertainment | Arts et divertissement: Sandrine Exil
Health & Wellness | Santé et bien-être: Kaya Harris-Read
Expressions | Expressions: Ayla Sljivar

In this issue
Vie étudiante: Your thoughts on the CUPE strike, tips for exchange, and Glendon 101!
Arts & Entertainment: Sizing up Black Panther and reviews of the best and worst albums this February.
Métropole: A fresh look at TO’s music scene and Krysta’s picks for the best vegan spots!
Issues & Ideas: The youth-led revolution against guns and an op-ed on animal testing.
Santé et bien-être: Leah takes a hard look at student stress and John dishes on the value of the family meal.
Expressions: Poems for the soul and a sneak peak at a
novella by a Glendonite!

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