Issue #21 - March 18, 1965

David Bell, Fred Gorbet, Victor Hori, Alan Offstein


Mar. 18, 1965. 5pgs.
Editorial: "Demonstration" Post·election.
Editors: David Bell, Victor Hori, Fred Gorbet
Demonstration: a case of diminishing returns
The York University student court
And then I learned to write dept. (letters to the editor)
Y.S.F. debate: Smythe vs Dowson
A message from the president
The sit-in and its unintelligence
Poet's corner
Some criticisms of the election campaign
Athletic briefs
Men's intramural council by R. Cuthbery
A visit to the land of Oz
From the field house
Of folk and song by Ian Cameron
Blurbs from external affairs by Richard Schultz
Why an identity?

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