Issue #16 - February 4, 1965

David Bell, Alan Offstein, Marion Watt


Feb. 4, 1965. 8 pgs.
Editorial: Tuition. Details of York building programme.
Editors: David Bell, Alan Offstein, Marion Watt
Tuition: Who should pay?
From the editors: Honour among thieves!
Editorial potpourri
And then I learned to write dept. (letters to the editor)
York initiates drive for public funds
Art in the university: Gerstein series
Versafood, York, and the T.S.E. by Fairchild Gore
Party politics at York? by George Howden
Further critical evaluation by Linda Light
Shows, Music, etc.
Lil Abner
Morriseau at Hart House
C.U.S. Flight to Europe, 1965
C.U.S. Life insurance plan
Sports shorts
Water polo tournament by Lynn Atkins
As I McCaul the shots by Jim McCaul
Women's sports
Faculty defeats A-House
Windigoes win again by Tom hooper
On fees by Rick Schultz
From Bonavista to Vancouver Island by Lillian Hale
Reflections by Garth Jowett
View Danny Kayfetz
Elections fast approaching
Poet's corner

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