Issue #13 - January 14, 1965

David Bell, Alan Offstein, Marion Watt


Jan. 14, 1965. 6pgs.
"The Problem of Legalized Abortion..." Student Council Structure Altered...Jan. 11. Council
approved the creation of the Cultural Affairs and External Affairs posts, to be filled at the annual elections in March. Call for suggestions for names for the Field House. Council recommended an additional study week in November, in addition to the free week in February.
Editors: David Bell, Alan Offstein, Marion Watt
The problem of legalized abortion
Dr. Floyd Ross: The search for orientation
The student court at York
And then I learned to write dept. (letters to the editor)
Sports shorts: As I McCaul the shots by Jim McCaul
Basketball goes big at York by alan Your
Council approves jazz at York by Brian Kilgore
Psychology complex opened Friday by Brian Kilgore
Bulletin from the Y.U.C.C.
Student council structure altered
View by Danny Kayfetz
Still no decision on library hours
Of folk and song by Ian Cameron
Reflections by Garth Jowett
Chips and savings by John Glenn
Whitla lecture series on James Baldwin
Poet's corner
Ode to York library drudges
Editorial potpourri

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