Issue #7 - November 5, 1964

David Bell, Alan Offstein, Marion Watt


Nov. 5, 1964. 6pgs.
Editorial: "In Retrospect" -very little improvement in quality of the paper. Laval Exchange. Budget $16 500.00 brought down. "Brutality in Quebec" during Queen's visit to Quebec. 1st classified.
Editors: David Bell, Alan Offstein, Marion Watt
In retrospect
Sadie Hawkins dance well attended
Vandalism in the parking lot
Cuban ambassador to Canada donates books
Treasure van comes to York university
Laval weekend
Notes on some international youth and student publications (CUS)
CUS reports to commons
House committee formed
And then I learned to write dept. (letters to the editor)
Budget down at last
Who needs Freud by R.A. Ross
On the soap-fong box by Ian Cameron
Brutality in Quebec
Farmer on racism by Cyntha Bragg and Lynn Atkins
View by Danny Kayfetz
Probe by Roger Rickwood
Review of Mary Poppins by Jim McCaul
Women's athletics by Ainsley Wade
Soccery news by Lynn Atkins
From Bonavista to Vancouver Island by Lillian Hale
Poet's corner

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