Issue #6 - October 29, 1964

Marion Watt, David Bell, Alan Offstein


Oct. 24, 1964. 7pgs.
Editorial: cafeteria complaints. David Lewis speaks at York. Election Results. Gord Lightfoot at Village Corner Review.
Editors: Marion Watt, David Bell, Alan Offstein
A comment on Barry Goldwater by G. Howden
And then I learned to write dept. (letters to the editor)
Men's flag football
Women's athletics by Ainsley Wade
York floats on watertight
"Run, Abner, it's the revenoors.."
York placement service in high gear
Soccer news by Lynn Atkins
David Lewis, Q.C. speaks at York
Socialist forum: October 28
North York Reeve addresses students
P.C. conference at York
Elections and election results
Presidential faux pas
On the soap-fong-box by Ian Cameron
Show review: Broadway Ashore by B. Kilgore
Crest theatre benefite
Canaletto -- Toronto Art Gallery by Barbara Heidenreich
Poet's corner: The hungry customer by Blake Simmonds
From Bonavista to Vancouver Island by Lillian Hale
View by Danny Kayfetz
Gage love cool move of the week
Residence news by Pat Keith
Help stamp out burning leaves by Blake Simmonds

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