Issue #2 - October 1, 1964

David Bell, Ron McInnes, Alan Offstein


Oct. 1, 1964. 7pgs.
Fall Elections Notice.
Editors: David Bell, Ron McInnes, Alan Offstein
Education & class distinction by John R. Glenn
From Bonavista to Vancouver island by Lillian Hale
Vision at York
An appeal for consideration
Nomination notice
Student council report by Wendy Campbell
Continuation appeal for consideration by Dan Kantel
View by Danny Kayfetz
Probe by Roger Rickwood
Reflections by Garth Jowett
"Love" cup awarded again!!!!
Women's athletics by Ainsley Wade
Rugger at York
Now hear this
Premier W.U.S. meeting
Residence remarks by Pat Keith
Bar-B-Q dance, etc by Mike Smedley
York loses soccer opwner by Ralph G. Lamou
York Golfers enter Glendale tourney
Mammoth volley-ball challenge
The movies by Dave Boyd
On the soap-fong box by Ian Cameron
And then I learned to write dept. (letters to the editor)
Poet's corner: Trio by John Panter
Al's alley by Alan Offstein

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