Issue #1 - September 25, 1964

David Bell, Ron McInnes, Alan Offstein


Sept. 25, 1964. 6pgs.
Editorial: Orientation pronounced "flop".
Editors: David Bell, Ron McInnes, Alan Offstein
Opening orientation lecture
York nature lovers club bus tour
CUS applauds Atkinson dean
Environment cabinet for biology dept.
Reflections by Garth Jowett
And then I learned to write dept (letters to the editor)
Intercollegiate sports by M. Smedley
Women's athletics by Ainsley Wade
Recruit? Who, me? by George Gray
York armbands and garters dept.
A house holds first meeting
Residence comment by Pat Keith
Message to freshman by Cathy Frost
Yorkids and roses
I wish to make a movement by Danny Kayfetz
The gage love award
From the maddening crowd by Bill Farr
On the soap-fong box by Ian Cameron
Probe by Roger Rickwood
Gallery York by Craig McKie
Night of the Iguana reviewed by Dave Boyd
First annual Canadian jazz festival

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