Issue #20B - March 6, 1969


  • Graham Muir


Editor-in-Chief: Graham Muir Managing Editor: John King City Editor: Andy Michalski Layout Editor: Genevieve Steed Sports Editor: Nick Martin Production: Bob Waller, Delores Broten Business Manager: Harve Hirsh Advertising Manager: Max Marechaux daring drug expose shame horror despair marihuanna weed with roots in hell biafran students appeal for help in canada by jim weston food committee removes grapes urban renewal in 'south city' - some answers for trefann court? by chris thomas behind the trees overthrow the tyranny of the clock by james mackinnon survey of sex habits: hippie sex only a fairy story at glendon by a sociology student looking for issues by vianney carriere immigration: the making of a melting pot by marilyn smith crisis in social science: ways and means of keeping the people down photos of hamlet play as performed by glendon students by michalski art as living in and through the present by leslie beauchamp and marilyn smith day makes italian farce fun by anne blackburn let's have a hand fieldhouse's ryan popular by val brent computers destroyed our pin-striped heroes return by nick martin