Issue #12 - January 7, 1965

David Bell, Alan Offstein, Marion Watt


In "The News University" President Ross writes, "...a growing university...requires goals, a sense of purpose, and a clear conception of where it is going.
Editors: David Bell, Alan Offstein, Marion Watt
The "Whole Man" at York
Meet the press: an intimate glimpse into the working environment of the Pro Tem
Editorial potpourri
And then I learned to write dept. (letters to the editor)
Chips and shavings by John R. Glenn
Why and how to live: Dr. Floyd H. Ross to speak on MAN'S SEARCH FOR ORIENTATION, at York
View by Danny Kayfetz
Straighten up and fly right dept.
From Bonavista to Vancouver Island by Lilian Hale
Gage love cool move of the week award
Reflections by Garth Jowett
Al's Alley by Al Offstein

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