Issue #10 - December 3, 1964

David V.J. Bell, Alan Offstein, Marion Watt


Dec. 3, 1964. 4pgs.
Editorial: "The Importance of a Heritage". 1st mention of Glendon Campus. A-House "Gzonk
Hop" a smasher.
Editors: David Bell, Alan Offstein, Marion Watt
And then I learned to write dept. (letters to the editor)
Aid for flood victims in Vietnam
Christmas band concert at York
York University "open house" Sunday
"A" house Gzonk hop smasher
View by Danny Kayfetz
Student council presses for longer library hours
From Bonavista to Vancouver Island by Lillian Hale
Of folk and song by Ian Cameron
The movies by Dave Boyd
Reflections by Garth Jowett
As I McCaul the shots by Jim McCaul
The story of a dream come true
Yorkids and roses
En Francais by Les Player
Christmas comes but once a semi-formal

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