Issue #5 - January 27, 2003

Jason John O'Rourke, Jeremy Fortier


Jan. 27, 2003 32 pgs.
Liberal politician Carolyn Bennett wowing students of York University; an issue of Toronto Weekly.
Contributers: Rosalie Taylor, Naomi Macleod, Boris Roginksy, Catherine Hancock, Bryan Scanga, Melissa Major, Martine Clements, Mihnea Dumitru, Chris Spraakman, Aliza Libman, Jane Currie, Sara O'Shaughnessy, Laurence Jollez, Christina Sibian
Chief Editors: Jason John O'Rourke, Jeremy Fortier
Layout/Design: J.J. O'Rourke, Jeremy Fortier
Business Manager: Chris Spraakman
Photography Editor: Jeremy Fortier
A&E Editor: Catherine Hancock
Copy Editor: Rosalie Taylor
Top Wanker of 2002: Noel W. Barnett
Cover Photo: Russell Lee

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