Winter Edition

Noel W. Barnett


Winter edition, 2002 16 pgs.
The events of September 11th have led to a major increase on media propaganda; campus restaurants and bars sees decreases in student attendance; first "Harry Potter" movie breaks records and pleases die-hard fans expectations.
Contributers: Sean Bawden, J.J. O'Rourke, Jonathan Swayze, Seth Wotten, Shodja Zianian
Editor-in-Chief: Noel w. Barnett
News Editor: Srimoyee Mitra
Arts and Entertainment: Catherine Hancock
Perspectives: Phil Rutland
Features Editor: Naomi Macleod, Chris Spraakman
Photo Editor: Jeremy Fortier
Poetry and Fiction: Phil Rutland
CUP Representative: Rosalie Taylor
Business Manager: Chris Spraakman
Translation: Veronique Bordes
Layout and Design: Elayne McLinton, Heather Guylar
Production Manager: Farhad Shamasblou
Article titles:
From the editor's desk
What's new at CKRG 89.9 fm?
Shady love
Opened eyes to closed foors
Canada pops
We're all guilty of poor-bashing
This is CNN: propaganda 24/7
Anthrax in a box
A culture of apathy
Le 11 Septembre
Do what you can- it's all you can do
Alumni and undergrads: bridging the gap
All things must pass
"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" casts a spell over audiences
A light at the end of the corridor
A loud list: my favourite albums of the past year
What does FT 5-0 mean?
Ready to rock

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